NOX – Escape Game for Android & iOS

Can you escape the mansion?

NOX takes you to an old, mysterious mansion filled with secrets waiting to be revealed by you. Accompanied by an exciting story, you explore mysterious rooms and discover their hidden mechanisms. Keep a cool head and do not get fooled – each room hides far more secrets than you can tell at first glance! Whether it’s your first escape game or you’re a seasoned adventurer, the varied puzzles will catch you!



  • ESCAPE GAME + POINT & CLICK: NOX is a combination of a modern Escape Game and a classic Point & Click Adventure.
  • UNIQUE LOOK: NOX has a unique dolls house art style. Tiny, cute and completely in 3D!
  • PUZZLES AND MINI GAMES: The Nox Escape Game features a variety of well designed puzzles and mini-games. Every room hides something new to explore!
  • STORY: Your progression is accompanied by an exciting story! The entire puzzle-adventure contains several hours of playtime.
  • COMPLETELY FREE: Nox is completely free from start to finish!


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