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interactive thriller for Android & iOS AndroidiOS

Hannah is missing for 72 hours.


It’s been 72 hours since Hannah disappeared without a trace. Out of nowhere, her friends suddenly receive a message from the missing person’s phone. The mysterious message only contains a number… your number!

Realistic Crime Story
Images, Videos, Voicemails,…
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Duskwood is a small, sleepy village surrounded by dense forest. Rarely do strangers get lost in this remote area and when they do, they have always described the area as strange or even scary. The inhabitants of Duskwood have never been worried by this. But since 72 hours, many things have changed and even among them there are more and more concerns… Join a clique from Duskwood and help them find their friend Hannah. The old frightening legends of the forest seem to come alive – will you be able to find Hannah before its too late?


I’m super hyped by this game and cant wait for the next part! The characters are authentic and feel very real.


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