Moonvale — Duskwood Sidestory

As previously announced, MOONVALE will include a sidestory for all players, who have successfully completed our detective adventure DUSKWOOD.

IMPORTANT: This optional extra content is only available to players who start MOONVALE with a Duskwood code. If you don’t currently have a code or have lost it, play through DUSKWOOD completely before starting your adventure in MOONVALE.

Secure your code


1) Download DUSKWOOD and start your adventure.

2)Play the whole story and shape the relationships with the characters according to your wishes. Your later code will include all important decisions and the status of your relationships.

3) After completing Episode 10 you will receive a code — keep it safe!


How do I receive my DUSKWOOD code and where do I enter it?

You will receive your personalized code when you finish the final episode of Duskwood. Keep it safe until the start of MOONVALE because we are not able to recover it.

When you start MOONVALE you have the option to redeem a Duskwood code.

What is the impact of my code?

The code includes all your important decisions and the status of your relationships from DUSKWOOD. Old as well as new relationships in MOONVALE will remember you from your previous actions in Duskwood. If you have not deepened a relationship, start Duskwood again and shape the relationships with the characters as you wish! Each playthrough generates a new code.

Do I need a Duskwood code for MOONVALE?

No. MOONVALE is a completely independent game. You can unlock an additional sidestory with a Duskwood code.

01 — Teaser

Only read this content if you really can’t wait. Otherwise let yourself be surprised!


Your actions have created some big waves and are known well beyond Duskwood!
In Redlog Pines, and even among your new friends, there are some who already know about it. Will you be a help to them with all your knowledge and experience?


The events in Duskwood are already a few weeks old. Although you, with Jake and the others, were able to uncover the truth about the man without a face, your joy is tarnished. You haven’t received any sign of life from your friends in Duskwood since the horrible incident at the mine.

What happened after the events at the mine? Was Jake able to save himself? But why should everyone else like Jessy, Dan and Cleo stop contacting you?

Oddly enough, none of your Duskwood clique’s old numbers seem to exist… What does that mean?



02 — Teaser

Only read this content if you really can’t wait. Otherwise let yourself be surprised!


Naturally you are already in your next case and your new friends are counting on you. On the other hand, worrying about your old friends doesn’t just let you go either. Has something happened to them?
Duskwood is not far from Redlog Pines. Should you ask your new friends for help? Or should you go and check out the situation in Duskwood yourself?
Suddenly you get a call from an unknown number …



Moonvale is developed with love by Everbyte

We can’t wait to see you ingame!