Anybody Out There: Dead City

17 Nov 2016

Headup Games and Everbyte invite you to Anybody Out There: Dead City, a text-based mobile game which will drag you into a captivating post-apocalyptic adventure, in a rather uncommon way.

The game’s dark real-time story lies completely in your hands as it is your job to help “Sam” surviving in a hostile world: He (or she - sex unknown) is trapped in an evacuated zone among zombie-like creatures, but without food, equipment or anyone to talk to. But Sam finds a mobile phone with your number in it and asks you for your help. This is the beginning of a thrilling journey across a strange, hostile world.

In Anybody Out There: Dead City, you communicate with Sam via a messenger app which intensifies the game’s perceived realism. Sam reacts like a real human being as well: The communication via the messenger is direct and fast but pauses from time to time when Sam is busy or sleeping. This creates a strong feeling of a real friendship.

When Sam is back, you will receive a push notification on your smartphone. In order to respond, you only have to click it to open the app, just as used to from real chats. If you don't want to respond right away, it will not have any negative impact on the game. But usually, you will be happy to see Sam is back - and alive. So the thrilling story unfolds, always influenced by your decisions.

At certain points of the game, you will have the possibility to compare your own choices to those of other players in a statistic. Considering the morally difficult decisions you will have to make, this could become a particularly popular feature.


  • Interactive real-time adventure
  • Breathtaking story
  • Your decisions determine the outcome and the setting of numerous storylines
  • Several days of play time
  • Statistics: Learn about the decisions other players made at the end of each day
  • No internet connection necessary
  • No in-app purchases and no advertising

Available for Android & iOS

Download: iOS
Download: Android